Veiled Chameleon Setup Checklist

Veiled Chameleon Setup
Here on this page we will help you make sure that you have all the essential items needed to keep your chameleon happy and thriving for years to come.
  1. Suitable sized all screen enclosure.
  2. Live plants - these are just a few plants used by keepers and breeders that are non toxic:
    1. Hibiscus
    2. Schefflera
    3. Pothos
    4. Ficus
  3. Besure to provide an appropriate amount of different diameter branches at both high and low points of cage.
  4. A Linear flourescent UVB light. ( Fixture & UVB Bulb needed)
  5. Dome light for heat and heat bulb with correct wattage.
  6. Misting  system and or drip also.
  7. Bottle sprayer for hand mistings.
  8. Cricketswith plenty of food to gutload.
  9. Repcal with Vitamine D3 ( Vitamine D3 only if being housed indoors)
  10. Herptivite Vitamine Supplement

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